R195 Oncidium Sharry Baby 'Red Fantasy'

A very coloful and fragrant form of Sharry Baby. This variety has a shorter spike that many of the others and is much more manageable to ship and to display in a retail setting. You can smell it before you see it.

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Light: 3,000 foot candles with good ventilation

Farenheit Temperature: Night low 55, Day high 82

Humidity: ~70%

Fertilizer: 20-10-20 Peat Lite mix at 100 to 150 ppm two times. Then add 5 pounds of 15.5-0-0 Cal/Nit to every 25 pound bag of 15-5-15 Cal/Mag and porportion to 100-150 ppm one time then clear water one time and repeat.
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