Flowering Size Special



We grow a lot of plants to flowering size to see how fast they grow and, of course, how the flowers look. We will not breed or clone with most of these plants. So, we offer them in a special sale.

Flowering size plants we call size "C" and we sell these for $5.00 for minimum orders of 100 plants. For orders 50 to 99 the price is $5.25. These are mature plants; they've already flowered or will flower on the next growth. Sometimes they're even dividable. We will send you plants that we think will do well for your area unless you tell us you want plants for a certain climate (warm, intermediate, cool). As is always the case with this kind of offer, it is "our choice". We will give you a good selection, you will get less than 10 of any cross, and many times it will be only one or two.

We don't make any profit on shipping. We charge what FedEx charges plus $22.50 for the box and packing. If you want the plants to be sent bare root, we charge $0.50 per plant for that service. What you save on shipping cost you pay for in labor cost. If it were me, I would have the plants sent in pot, and deal with repotting, dividing, etc, when I can make the decision on a per plant basis.

If you have any questions about the plants please contact . For administrative questions, such as shipping, payments, etc. please contact or call 808.963.6233.